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Ultra Blade

Ultra Blade is a roguelike RPG where players wield massive weapons against impossible odds!

Hack n' slash your way through endless hordes of mutating enemies. Unlock and upgrade 1000s of hero and class combinations, each with their own unique looks and abilities. Every new character expands the available pool of in-game upgrades, making every run feel different.

Drag to move and auto attack, release to execute a heavy attack. Swipe to dodge. The controls are simple, but the real complexity is in how you build your champion. Infuse flaming bolts into your bow, generate earthquakes with your slashes, or summon blizzards with your shield- the possibilities are almost limitless.

Built for short, action-packed sessions.

Drag to Move and Attack

Release for Heavy Attack



Key Features:

One-touch control scheme and challenging, skill-based combat
Endless Challenge Mode that refreshes every hour
27 Unique arena gauntlets to master
12 Unique heroes to unlock by completing challenges.
5 core classes (Bow, Shield, Greatsword, Gun, and Staff) and 100s of weapons to mix and match
15 Meta-changing relics to unlock and upgrade
Mutating enemies that change how they fight and behave.
Blood-pumping soundtrack

And more to come!

App Info:

Game Title: Ultra Blade

Developer: Kyle Barrett

Release Date: Feb 23, 2023

Platforms: iOS, Android 



Price: 3.99 USD

About Me:

I'm a one-man shop trying to make games that feel and look great. I've worked on larger game industry projects before, with lots of tech, coordination, and cost involved. The games being made here are an exercise in the opposite direction. Small games that explore a mechanic or idea while staying simple enough for one person to make in his free time. Hope you enjoy!


Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback:


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