Ultra Blade

Ultra Blade is a roguelike hack n' slash RPG where players wield weapons so large, they can only move by swinging them!

Chop your way through endless hordes of constantly mutating enemies. Unlock 1000s of hero and blade combinations, each with their own unique looks and abilities.


Swipe to slash, tap to stomp. The controls are simple, but the real complexity is in how you build your blade: Infuse burning lasers into your slashes, generate earthquakes with your stomps, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Swipe to Slash  

Tap to Stomp



Key Features:

Endless Mode: Take on an infinite horde of constantly mutating foes!

Challenge Mode: Take on progressively more challenging quests that regenerate every hour.

Newly unlocked abilities add to the pool of in-game upgrades, making runs more varied and unique as the player levels up.

1000s of blade, armor, and ability combinations to unlock and level up.

6 unique biomes with destructible terrain and distinct environmental challenges.

Dozens of base enemy and boss types to hunt down.

Mutating challenges that change how enemies fight and behave.

One-touch, swipe + tap control scheme.

Blood-pumping soundtrack

App Info:

Game Title: Ultra Blade

Developer: Kyle Barrett

Release Date: Summer 2022

Platforms: iOS, Android 


Website: kyle--barrett.com

Price: 3.99 USD

About Me:

I'm a one-man shop trying to make games that feel and look great. I've worked on larger game industry projects before, with lots of tech, coordination, and cost involved. The games being made here are an exercise in the opposite direction. Small games that explore a mechanic or idea while staying simple enough for one person to make in his free time. Hope you enjoy!


Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback: