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End of the Universe

End of the Universe is a challenging, fast-paced space shooter with rogue-like elements. Players rapidly build and break custom star fighters with every run, all while trying to survive existential horrors lurking at the edge of space.

Designed for short, energetic sessions with a one-touch control scheme. There are dozens of otherworldly weapons and skills to discover, 1000s of meaningfully different ship combinations to create, and hordes of enemies and environments to face down. 


A branching narrative system guides players into the beyond and, the farther out you get, the more bizarre things will become.


"the idea of a last bon voyage, guns blazing, at the edge of charted, or uncharted, space is… well, frankly it’s pretty great!"

-Toucharcade 4/5 "Top Android Action Games"


Key Features:

1000s of dynamically generated ships to unlock and upgrade.

Challenging, skill-based combat with mobile-friendly controls.

Streamlined & deep ship modification system.

Colorful, retro-styled pixel art.

70+ Game--changing skills and weapons to find and master.

60+ enemy and boss variations to take down.

Challenging endgame with secrets to unlock.

Dozens of unique, mind-bending environments to discover.

Massive replayability with branching narrative choices that can take players across entirely different ends of the universe.

App Info:

Game Title: End of the Universe

Developer: Kyle Barrett

Release Date: January 7, 2020

Platforms: App Store, Google Play



Price: 3.99 USD

About Me:

I'm a one-man shop trying to make games that feel and look great. I've worked on larger game industry projects before, with lots of tech, coordination, and cost involved. The games being made here are an exercise in the opposite direction. Small games that explore a mechanic or idea while staying simple enough for one person to make in his free time. Hope you enjoy!


Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback:


Asset Download: Link

Promotional Video: Link

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