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Immortal Rogue Anniversary Update

Immortal Rogue is a 2019 mobile GOTY award-winning roguelike. In this indie title, players take on the role of an immortal vampire that hacks and slashes its way through the ages. Narrative choices directly impact the course history takes, allowing players to experience dystopian metropolises, medieval strongholds, and much, much more. 

Thanks to an amazing player response and support, I've been able to develop a new content update for Immortal Rogue coming out on Android and iOS Feb 20, 2020.

Update Includes:

Combat Thralls

Fight alongside, level up, and unlock thralls from all over human history. Every thrall comes with its own unique set of attributes and skills to unlock and master.

Throne Mode (New Game +)

Reclaim your throne and face harder enemies, overwhelming odds, and new challenges. With the heightened risks come greater rewards.


New Boss Weapons and Elder Blood Skills

New, powerful weapons and skills are ready to be unlocked for those who are ready to brave Throne Mode and upgrade their thralls.

Era-Changing Events

New mission types and scenarios can emerge depending on how players navigate an era. Zombie hordes can be unleashed, mob uprisings can lay siege to your lair, all out wars between factions can break out, and more.

Update Assets Download: Link

Main Game Page: Link

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