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Star Wars: Rivals in geo beta!


We've been quietly working away at Disney Interactive on a groundbreaking mobile action game that takes place in the Star Wars universe.

But not anymore! The game is currently in geo beta and we are ready to take in feedback. Go to to see how you can play!

Tynker Coding Adventures are Live!


Tynker's Coding Adventures are a set online games that teach kids to program and build their own games as they play. Jumpstarted by a successful Kickstarter campaign, there are 3 separate coding adventures for different age groups coming out this July.


Check out our Kickstarter page to learn more


Goblin Quest Ready to Ship!


Going out July 16th to everybody who pre-ordered! 


One part Zelda, one part Clash of Clans, Goblin Quest takes players on an epic quest to raid dungeons and lead armies against the goblin hoard.  


The goal with these games was to make programming feel like an immersive and useful game mechanic rather than just an educational add-on. Players don't feel like they're "programming". They feel like they're commanding armies and solving dungeon puzzles. Programming is just the tool they use to accomplish those goals.

Tynker App Pre-Loaded in Apple Stores

The Tynker App is now preloaded on every demo Ipad in the US. The app lets you program drones, solve puzzles, and create games right on your device. Check it out at the app store.

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