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First Street

The First Street connection is an urban housing complex set in downtown Phoenix.


The project was designed to entertain multiple levels of interaction from the ground level and upper stories, creating a lively area meant to revitalize the industrial gap between Northern and Southern Phoenix.


Special features included a commercial level, a series of interlocking courtyards at the ground plain, terraced balconies for the upper levels, and universal downtown views.



Pioneer Park

The Pioneer Memorial Park and Cemetery was deigned over a derelict Phoenix cemetery from the 19th century. The project's intent was to create a new cemetery that preserved the integrity of the site and its unique, historical content.


Divided into two parts, visitors to the park first find themselves in a surrealistic landscape covered by the unmarked monuments of those who came before.


Once through the park's dividing threshold, visitors then enter into the new burial grounds which are centered around a sunken reflection area within a lake.


Caustic Light & Science Center

The Caustic Light and Science Center is a public exhibition center set within a sonoran desert preserve.


As its name suggests, the project is conceptually derived and programatically focused on the phonomena of caustic light.  Ovaloid galleries of light float under a flowing concrete roof that reflects both the viscous and geometrical properties of caustics.


The galleries have been specifically tuned to provide dynamic caustic displays, and have been utilized as hollow columns to support the roof's spanning form.



Smart Farm


"How can we use contemporary consumer culture to influence food behavior?"


Part of an undergraduate thesis, SmartFarm is a multifaceted line of agricultural products designed to make growing your own food easy, fun, and engaging.


Click here to read the full thesis.


Control Z Efficiency Unit

Control Z is a product from a diverse team of industrial, architectural, interior, and graphic designers.


The project is a household component that recycles shower and sink water into the toilet and other systems, effectively reducing household water usage by 30%.


A small percentage of the component's recycled greywater goes into the project's built in planter system, creating a fresh reminder to owners of how much water- and money they're saving.



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