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Hack and Slash your way through the Ages

Immortal Rogue is a hack and slash roguelike hybrid where you play as an eternal vampire. You wake up every 100 years to feed, and who you choose to hunt directly impacts the future. Different timelines offer different enemies to defeat and unique items to discover. You can fight samurai with a rocket fist from a long lost civilization, or take out cyborgs with an enchanted katana.


The combat is brutal, and defeat has consequences. But you can never truly die. The world goes on with both your allies, and your enemies, awaiting your return.

"A Kickass Vampire Roguelike"


Featured in: App Store Game of the Day

Top 5 RPGs of 2019

4.5/5 2019  GOTY "top paid Android games"



Key Features:

A dynamically generated world based on your narrative choices.

Challenging, skill-based combat with mobile-friendly controls.

Over 70 unique enemies to discover

Colorful, retro-styled pixel art.

30+ Vampiric abilities to unlock

30+ Unique weapons to master

Secret bosses to discover.

Hundreds of potential characters to hunt down or turn into allies

Massive replayability with scores of possible timelines that offer their own distinct characters, challenges, and rewards.

App Info:

Game Title: Immortal Rogue

Developer: Kyle Barrett

Release Date: Feb 20 2019

Platforms: App StoreGoogle Play



Price: 4.99 USD

About Me:

I'm a one-man shop trying to make games that feel and look great. I've worked on larger game industry projects before, with lots of tech, coordination, and cost involved. The games being made here are an exercise in the opposite direction. Small games that explore a mechanic or idea while staying simple enough for one person to make in his free time. Hope you enjoy!


Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback:


Asset Download: Link

Promotional Video: Link

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